Space Bike Zombies FTW by Ingrid Garcia

Up in Space Station Zebra, Boyd voiced his displeasure about the new arrival. “A dewy-eyed babe thinking she can do a dangerous job.” His blond curls rippled in sync with his shaking head. “Women like her shouldn’t be in space.” “Women shouldn’t be in space?” Tameka said, “So what the hell am I doing here?” […]

Imperfect Solution by Marie DesJardin

He had no heart. Whatever he’d once had in that department had been shot out in the attack that had taken his manhood along with everyone he’d ever cared for. All that remained was a mechanical heart, mechanical hands, mechanical eyes that searched the data, over and over, seeking for its next target. “Most were soldiers already,” […]

Night of the Lurking Moon by Alexis Henderson

The moon child, Hala, stood in a squat clay shack on the cusp of the Tanzanian wilds working a mound of bread dough with the heels of her hands, throwing her whole body into the movement as though it was the rough beginning of a ritual, a moving of the spirit. It was near nightfall […]