Selene Quarterly Magazine

Luminous Adventure and Vivid Passion  

Selene Quarterly Magazine is an upcoming romance, mystery, and action/adventure (R/M/AA) periodical. All contributors receive payment, a discount on one physical copy, and one digital copy (either PDF/ePub/mobi) of their issue. In the far future, it will hopefully be an MWA qualifying market.

Contact: editors [at] selenequarterly.com

ISSN: Coming Soon! (Print)

ISSN: Coming Soon! (Online)


Elizabeth O. Smith, Editor-in-Chief (editors [at] selenequarterly.com)

Elizabeth O. Smith is the pseudonym of Olivia Raymond. She’s produced and edited story-based video games since 2011 under Cherubim Scribes, LLC. Elizabeth is a chocolate fanatic, poodle aficionado, and finds that passion and purpose intrigue her when it comes to the written word.








Samantha McCabe, Associate Fiction Editor (samantha@selenequarterly.com)

Samantha McCabe is a South African born artist, photographer, and editor who stems from a creative and artistic background. She has worked as an associate fiction editor for Storyteller Magazine. Samantha has also worked in the film and media industry and has produced an African Horror short indie film with her husband, who is a British born director and author.








Abbie Waters, Proofreader (abbie@selenequarterly.com)

Abbie Waters is a proofreader based in Northern England that has dabbled with writing and floristry. She’s worked with Hellfire Crossroads, Underground Voices, The Lovecraft e-zine, and Sirens Call Publications. Being a true bookworm at heart, she loves working on all genres and writing styles, especially something that’s a bit strange and unusual.





LAST UPDATED: August 23, 2017